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Innovative geospatial data query based on hexagon

The AskWhere is a tool for selection of travel destination based on vast set of features. We divided all of Europe area into hexagonal 5 km base cells and assigned climate, air quality, landscape, services availability, accessibility, popularity and costs information to each cell. The user defines the criteria of the destination he is interested in, and the application finds a hexagon that meets them and presents it on the map.


Innovative application

Wide coverage

Solution is built on top of Europe-wide coverage of unified data, that create a potential to discover new interesting regions…

Destination selection

With flexible filtering tools you can easily find places over Europe that meet your criteria of expected weather, landscape, access…

Local services

The system is created to facilitate the access to information on tourism-oriented services offered locally in destination your choice.


The AskWhere application

How you can use it?

Selection of touristic destinations

Criteria compliant locations are presented as a list and that meets user preferences, and presents them in a form of interactive list, and interactive map.

Evaluation of touristic destinations

Ranking of locations meeting criteria and complete characteristics of chosen locations is supplemented by context mapping information.

Benchmarking of touristic destinations

Comparation of different destinations represented by the selected areas is useful when there is a need to choose between two or more candidates.

Trips and outdoor activities planning

Different modes of routing allow users for planning a trip that could be supported by personal navigation units.

Every decision-making process is based on information and dependent on its availability and quality.

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