Destination selection

With flexible filtering tools you can easily find places over Europe that meet your criteria of expected weather, landscape, access to local services.  

Currently the dashboard, development of which is the main goal of the project, works as a proof of concept, functional prototype being still under development. The dashboard is a support in the process of selection of travel destination in reference to vast set of criteria. The service region was divided into 5 km wide cells, and denoted them with information on climate, air quality, landscape, services availability, accessibility, popularity and costs. Users are aware of travel opportunities up to certain level. Accessing comprehensive description of all potential destinations over Europe increases likelihood of making informed and reasonable decision.

The dashboard consists of two elements: the map window and lists of selected objects, which are synchronized with each other. The map window displays polygons of the main reference hexagonal grid that stores thematic description of each of the cells. The backdrop is OpenStreetMap providing rich context information. The table window allows to search the layer of destinations, providing the data for each object.

The filter allows to select step by step all the criteria that are important to for the user and set their values for desired – i.e. in order to filter only mountainous cells its needed to select ‘Landscape type’ from the list of attributes, set ‘equals’ and check ‘Mountains’. Individual filters and groups of queries could be joined with logical operators ‘and’ or ‘or’, which allows to build even the most complex queries. Sorting of a list of destinations compliant with users’ criteria is possible in ascending and descending. That allows to rank the query results.

Prototype configuration allows for routing between two points pointed on the map or defined with use of integrated geocoders. Created routes are introduced with major roads that connection is created through, distance, time of travel and navigational guidance. The solution cold be used for planning the travel to the destination of choice and plan onsite activities, like bike trips.

June 12, 2021